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National Environmental Policies, Legislation and Publications

Draft legislation, national policies and publications relating to the environment may be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Planning and Subdivision Bill 2010
Environmental Management Final Draft Legislation
Non-Government Organizations (NGO) Final Draft Legislation

Environmental Impact Assessment Final Draft Regulations
Pollution Control and Waste Management Final Draft Regulations
Draft National Environmental Policy

National Capacity Self-Assessment Report
National Environmental Management and Action Plan

Other National Strategies, Assessments and Reports

National Invasive Species Strategy 2003
Global Environment Outlook Report Bahamas 2005
Bahamas First National Communication on Climate Change 2001
Bahamas National Wetlands Policy 2007
Bahamas National Assessment Report 2004
Bahamas National Climate Change Policy
Bahamas National Assessment Report on the Implementation of Agenda 21
Bahamas Draft National Biosecurity Strategy
Bahamas National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
Road Map for the Advancement of Science and Technology in The Bahamas


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